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WENS - Voice

WENS - Voice is an optional component that allows you to instantly send hundreds or even thousands of interactive phone calls to cell phones, work phones, home phones, answering machines and voicemail through the WENS gateway. The WENS seamless process of text to speech (TTS) allows your authorized personnel to deploy voice calls, manage call lists, view/download real-time call results (delivery confirmations) as well as caller key press results. Instantly send emergency alerts, notifications, reminders, messages and more. The combination of text messaging and the delivery of voice messages provide a perfect low cost emergency alert and notification solution.

Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS)
Personalize each message for the intended recipient with realistic human sounding text to speech (TTS).

No Hardware, Software or Special Equipment Needed
WENS - Voice is Web based and provides everything you need to deliver outbound phone calls. Advanced features allow recipients to listen, interact and respond to calls. WENS is your total emergency alert and notification solution.

Web-based auto dialer
More powerful than the most expensive auto dialer. Easier to use than any traditional auto-dialer. Best of all no equipment is needed to use WENS - Voice.

Target specific types of call recipients
Optimize your alerts for answering machines, live answers or both. WENS - Voice can automatically detect whether a live person or answering machine answered the call and deliver your call accordingly.

Powerful call list management
WENS - Voice can use your existing call lists from the applications that you are most familiar with such as Microsoft Excel and Access as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited text. You can also view, edit and search contacts from your lists right from the WENS interface. In addition, each subscriber has the ability to Opt-out or remove themselves from receiving notification all together.

Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls
Calls that were not answered are automatically re-dialed.

No charge for busy, unanswered, disconnected numbers or transfers
WENS - Voice only charges for successfully delivered calls. Calls that are transferred to another number are billed as a single call.