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Quick, Simple, Powerful

Voice Calls

WENS - Voice is an optional component that allows you to instantly send hundreds or even thousands of interactive phone calls to cell phones, work phones, home phones, answering machines and voicemail through the WENS interface.

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GIS Mapping

The GIS Mapping component allows administrators to define specific areas through radius and polygon functionality to alert both one-time, spontaneous alerts as well as prepared (canned) messages.

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WENS is based primarily on text messaging and uses true text messaging technology (SMS). In addition, WENS communicates through e-mail, paging and voice mediums. In many manmade and natural disaster situations text messaging has been proven to be the most reliable in times of network congestion.

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NOAA Integration

WENS is fully integrated with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). This feature allows for automated weather notifications to all subscribers; including tornados, thunderstorms, flooding and all notification issued through NOAA.

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