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Over the years WENS has become not only the pinnacle of emergency text messaging, but the authority. So much so that direct competitors in the Emergency Notification industry outsource their SMS requirements to Inspiron Logistics.

Throughput & Reliability
WENS proprietary technology utilizes numerous means of connections which in turn provides performance levels unmatched in the industry. Other solutions rely on a single connection to simplify and save money that results in lower service levels.

WENS allows administrators to both send large amounts of notifications via SMS and receive responses. This feature has been solely depended on in the past during major catastrophes as the only means of communication left standing.

Delivery Confirmations
WENS allows administrators to track in real-time the status of their alerts to determine who has received their notification and more importantly, who has not. Inspiron Logistics was the first to bring this level of functionality to the industry.

Redundant Communication
In addition, WENS can auto-sense if a text message has failed and therefore re-route over another method.